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Top Cosplay Girls To Follow On Twitter [Photos]

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You’re here because you love cosplay girls, but aren’t you tired of just Googling “cosplay girls” when you need to get your nerdy fix? Wouldn’t you rather get updates from the top cosplay girls working the comic costume beat in real time? Maybe you’d like to follow them on Twitter so that you can get to know these geeky chic creatives a little better, right?
Right. That’s why I did this for you.
Aside from the obvious male appeal of cosplay (that is, to see beautiful women dressed up as the sexiest superheroes in comics not because they are paid to, but because they want to), the process of bringing the comic page to life with a sewing machine, some body paint and a little bit of elbow grease is truly an artistic craft that warrants more overt appreciation.
Cosplay is on the backend of the uptrend of all things nerd becoming “cool,” but as this creative practice becomes more and more mainstream, there are definitely a few standouts and rising stars to keep an eye on.

They are:

Adrianne Curry
Adrianne Curry cosplay
You probably remember her from America’s Next Top ModelThe SurrealLife, and her marriage to Peter Brady, but Adrianne Curry is also one of the first openly nerdy, high-profile cosplay lovers in the celeb world. She loves Star WarsGame of Thrones and World of Warcraft, and regularly posts pictures of herself in (and out of) costume on Twitter. She has cosplayed Princess Leia, Aeon Flux, Psylocke, and many more. You can follow her here.
Yaya Han
Yaya Han cosplay
Yaya Han is the consummate cosplay girl. Her dedication to her craft is completely unmatched, and she has convincingly pulled off everyone from Jessica Rabbit to Power Girl with the most meticulous attention to detail. She’s A-list in the cosplay world, and anyone looking to get into the lifestyle should pay close attention to her on Twitter, where she posts tips and step-by-step visual guides. You can follow her here.
Monika Lee
Monika Lee cosplay
This Atlanta-based cosplay girl regularly turns out some of the most convincing costumes from video games and comic books we’ve ever seen. She’s a Yaya pal and describes herself on Twitter as “always eating and playing video games.” What’s not to love? Follow her here.
Jessica Nigri
Jessica Nigri cosplay
Another cosplay pro who specializes in anime/video game characters (though she has dabbled in the comic book world with a creative take on Deadpool). She definitely has a soft spot for Final Fantasy characters, and her attention to the smallest detail is truly a thing to behold. You can tell that she relies on her natural strengths when choosing a character to portray, but she’s not above changing a character’s look to suit her own needs. You can follow her here.
Riddle cosplay
We only know her as “Riddle,” but this is cosplay, so we’re going to respect the handle. She’s another Atlanta-based personality who does comic book characters, Disney, anime, really whatever seems to trip her trigger. We like Riddle because she doesn’t shy away from slightly more complex costumes. She’s kind of like Yaya in that she goes all-in even if it means giant horns, plastic chest pieces, or full-body latex. She’s sharp and consistent, and best of all, she just seems comfortable in whatever she’s wearing. You can follow her here. Oh yeah, and, Girl Rocketeer. ‘Nuff said.
Lindze Merritt
Lindze Merritt cosplay
Note to self: Move to Georgia, because I’m sensing a theme, here. To be frank, Lindze is the sexiest Morrigan Aensland and Miranda Lawson we’ve ever seen. She does pop culture icons like Rosie the Riveter as well, and rocks a Star Trekred shirt so hard that you’d jump in front of a phaser to keep anything bad from happening to her. Follow her here!
Katie G
Katie G cosplay
Katie G (again, from Atlanta) is another cosplay gal who has equal parts concern for costume and performance. Whether she’s Ms. Marvel, Black Cat or Faye Valentine, she adopts different expressions and poise to fit the character. She’s also not shy about sharing her secrets, and posts as many pictures of the process behind each costume as she does glamour shots of the finished product. You can follow her here.
Marie Grey
Marie Grey cosplay
If there was ever a cosplay girl who is as much comic book seamstress as she is glamour pin-up model, it’s Marie Grey. This Brooklyn-based cosplay fanatic does everything: Video games, comics, anime and how-to’s on every one. Though she has sexuality to spare, she’s not afraid to put it on backup for a great unisex costume like Auron from Final Fantasy X. You can follow her here.
Callie Cosplay
Callie cosplay
Callie says that she’s obsessed with cosplay, and one look at her photos and videos gives it away. Costuming aside (which is, by the way, stellar), her profile is filled with professional photos of her as a variety of iconic superheroes. She sticks mostly to comics, but there’s something to be said about commitment to craft, here. In her own words: “I have always LOVED superheroes and such, and now I can become them!” You can follow her here.
Ivy Doomkitty
Ivy Doomkitty cosplay
I needed a Black Cat in here, and Ivy Doomkitty is far and away my favorite. This Los Angeles-based gamer, comic book reviewer, cosplayer, costumer, artist model and bellydancer cranks the sexuality up to 10 and everything … everything… about her just works. You can follow her here.
Alexia Jean Grey
Alexia Jean Grey cosplay
Hailing from Boca Raton, Florida, Alexia Jean Grey does costumes, but she also does body paint. While we think that her Batgirl, her Mary Jane, and her Black Widow are all phenomenal, it’s her Venom that has us worked up, because it’s just as much a costume as it is a performance. She’s one of the more creative innovators on our cosplay girls list, not so much concerned with a straight adaptation of a beloved and iconic character as she is seemingly transfixed by the dynamic possibilities of presentation itself. You can follow her here.
Leslie Crystal
Leslie Crystal cosplay
Leslie is a bit newer to the table, but she has a fun sense of humor that we just can’t ignore. She’s done the Black Cat and the Supergirl with genuine flair and aplomb, but she’s also done … the Barbie? That’s right. The Toy Story 3 Barbie. She wen’t totally method for it, too. We love it. She has a little ways to go to match the portfolio of professionalism some of the other ladies on this list have, but she has what it takes to get there, and she loves cosplay. What more could you want? You can follow her here.
Destiny Nickelsen
Destiny Nickelsen cosplay
Massachusetts-based Destiny Nickelsen is one of the most transparent cosplayers on our list, and that’s not some kind of Invisible Woman reference. By transparent, we mean that she takes cosplaying to the documentary level with photos of fabric, sewing machines and tailor mannequins, as well as several of herself wearing PJ’s, messy hair and no makeup. But that just provides an awesome and unique context for epic transformations like you see up top. You can follow her here.
Nicole Marie Jean
Lady Bane
You have almost definitely seen Nicole Marie Jean’s Lady Bane costume, but that’s not the only trick she has up her sleeve. She has done tons of cosplay, and is our top gender-bending cosplay girl. She creates incredibly detailed female versions of iconic characters like Vincent Valentine, Spider-Man, Cable and Shao Kahn, but also sticks with sexy, traditional interpretations of characters like Poison Ivy and Red Sonja. She is a cosplay savant, and you can follow her here.
Mac Beauvais
Mac Beauvais cosplay
This Los Angeles-based cosplayer is probably best known for her Steampunk Poison Ivy (seen way up top), but also pulls off a very sexy traditional take on the Batman villain, as well (seen just up top). She has been cosplaying for about five years, and dabbles in gender-bent portrayals as well. She’s a model, actress and writer with more than a dozen cosplay costumes in her closet, and is also a big cosplay safety advocate. She told me that she supports “anyone who wants to get into cosplay regardless of shape, size, gender, etc.” You can follow her here.

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